Men's League Play

Men's League Play

The 2014-15 Men’s League Play offers expanded opportunities for weekly, friendly but fierce, competition. Our format has changed to place an emphasis on creating the most competitive pairings possible. The league procedures are described below in the Rules of Play section for you to consider. It’s a new game at Grand Slam and we hope you will join us for the coming season to experience our “Great Tennis” pledge.

Level Day & Time Surface Captain Entry Fee
4.0+   Singles Wed. 8:30-10pm Clay Rick Ferman $1,695
3.5/4.0  Doubles Tues. 8:30-10pm Hard Looking for $850
3.5   Singles Thurs. 8:30-10pm Hard Captains for $1,695
3.0  Doubles Mon. 8:30-10pm Clay / Hard each League! $850





Contact: Jill McCourt, Tennis Program Director at 914-234-9206

Schedule: League play begins the week of September 2, 2014 and ends May 3, 2015
(no play during the holiday break 12/23/14 – 1/4/15)

Balls: New balls will be provided for each match
Format: Each match will be the best of three no-ad sets with a 10 Point Match Tiebreak in lieu of the final set

Placement: All players must either have a current USTA NTRP rating at the level of the league or complete an evaluation with one of our designated professionals

Awards: The first and second place finishers will receive Hitting Hot Awards at the final night ceremony and celebration

Rules of Play:
1. Eligibility – Each league player must have a current rating at level or complete a rating evaluation with a designated staff professional. NOTE: In order to remain in a league, a player must maintain a 35% games won:games played ratio. Any player with a 70% games won:games played ratio will be invited to move to the next higher level league
2. Standings – The league champion and 2nd place will be determined based on winning percentage of matches played. A minimum of 20 matches must be played to qualify
3. Captains – League captains may be league participants or serve as the first substitute
4. Substitutes – A list of eligible substitutes will be provided. To register as a sub one must be level rated and pay the $10 Sub List registration fee. Only players on the Sub List may play as subs. The $50 sub playing fee must be paid by the sub with a $25 reimbursement to the league player; all fees will go to offset the League Ceremony & Celebration expenses.

Grand Slam – Great Tennis, Great Teaching!


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