Grand Slam Tennis Club

Tennis Rules & Guidelines

Please abide by our guidelines so that all families, players, and children of Grand Slam Tennis Club have an enjoyable experience. If you have any questions whatsoever please contact our Player Services at (914) 234-9206.

  • Be punctual for all tennis clinics and lessons. If you know you are going to be late please be considerate and call the club to notify us.
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude. Do not use any foul language, mock, tease, argue or complain to any other player or coach. Poor behavior (swearing, racket abuse, ball abuse) is always inexcusable and will not be tolerated.
  • Listen to your coaches. Always listen when being addressed and make good eye contact.
  • Wear appropriate tennis clothing (i.e. T-Shirts, Shorts with pockets, warm-ups, tennis shoes).
  • Chewing gum should be disposed of before playing. This is also a non smoking club.
  • Please do not use cell phones on the court. We ask that you turn off your cell phone prior to entering the courts.
  • Please pick up all tennis balls when you are done with your clinic or lesson upon the pro's prompting. (Typically 5 minutes before the lesson ends.)
  • Always be safe. Do not participate in any behavior that would risk injury to anyone else, such as throwing or hitting balls when not asked to, throwing your racquet or any other object on or off the court.
  • Be respectful of others. Bullying and name calling in any form will not be tolerated.
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times. Always make good line calls. When you are in doubt of a call the ball is "in."
  • Compliment your opponent after good shots and act and behave in a positive manner toward yourself and the other players. End any competition with a smile, firm handshake and praise for your opponent.


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