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Grand Slam's Junior Tennis Pathway Development Programs

Grand Slam has developed one of the leading junior tennis programs in the region. Our junior development programs are taught using the "Hitting Hot" tennis system founded by multi-winning Grand Slam tennis champion Ivan Lendl. This system is a comprehensive approach to learning to play tennis. It teaches a complete understanding of how to hit all the shots, play from all positions and in all game situations, both offensively and defensively. Learning, enjoyment, and sportsmanship are the cornerstones of Hitting Hot.


Katerina Sevcikova, Director of IGNiTEIGNiTE is the first step in Grand Slam's Hitting Hot Junior Pathway. With the right size equipment, young players learn faster and love tennis forever! Our main goal is to start young players on their journey of learning to play tennis well!

IGNiTE is unique. Our IGNiTE Tennis Program is designed to help juniors age 10 and under learn to play more effectively. By modifying the court size, racquet size, balls, net height and scoring system, juniors will develop better skills and enjoy learning to play tennis.

The IGNiTE curriculum includes developing:
     - the whole child as a lifelong competitor
     - the athletic skills necessary to succeed
     - a child who is motivated to practice, play and be involved in more than just lessons
     - two development streams based upon different levels of interest, focus, and motivation
       (Club Strand & Players Strand)
     - solid technical foundations
     - great relationships with parents as stakeholders

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 IGNiTE Indoor 2024-25 Program

Contact: Katerina Sevcikova, Executive Director of Tennis and Director of IGNiTE Junior Program (click here to email Katerina)


Michaela MeszarosovaOur FiRE tennis program is designed for ages 11+ and consist of Development, Competitive and Excellence programs. The curriculum takes students to a higher level of competition with emphasis on technique, personal playing styles, strategic and tactical decision making, and mental skills training. Junior participants may aspire to compete on high school varsity level tennis teams and beyond.

The three (3) levels within the FiRE pathway include:

Development Level - Learn the FUNdamentals: An introduction to tennis fundamentals in a fun and challenging environment.

Competitive Level – Enhancing technical and tactical perspectives through focused practices. High intensity practices to develop playing skills, stroke techniques, proper footwork, strategy and match play situations.

Excellence Level – For technically sound players and young players who are committed to playing High school tennis.

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 FiRE Indoor 2024-25 Programs

Contact: Michaela Meszrosova, Director of FiRE Junior Program (click here to email Michaela)


The EXCEL program is the top of Grand Slam's Junior Tennis Pathway. Designed for dedicated juniors ages 11+ who are looking to take their game to the next level. EXCEL offers a comprehensive on-court experience highlighted by the "Hitting Hot" curriculum which was designed by former World #1, Ivan Lendl. Our handpicked staff, directed by Michaela Meszarosova, will challenge juniors to reach their potential on-court through a combination of high-level group instruction, mandatory private instruction, weekly strength and agility training, practice time, and much more.

EXCEL Junior Program Features:
• Athlete progress report (on-court development and fitness assessment)
• Sunday Match Play from 5-7p incorporating UTR
• Supervised Friday warm-up session from 3:30-4:30p
• Complimentary same day walk-on time for all participants
• Grand Slam/EXCEL dry-fit shirt
• Tournament planning and periodic match charting
• Mandatory weekly private instruction for Levels 1, 2, and 3
• USTA Tournament competition required for entry into program

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 EXCEL Indoor 2024-25 Programs

Contact: Michaela Meszrosova, EXCEL Program Director (click here to email Michaela)

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